2021 Milan Nouveau Mourvèdre


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Although it doesn’t appear in the name it does on the label – this is another organic wine from the Milan team which has no added sulphur. This wine has been made over the past couple of years by Henri’s son, Theo.

This wine is 100% Mourvèdre which was fermented in two separate fibreglass tanks which can hold 2750 litres of juice each. One underwent carbonic maceration and the other was fermented traditionally. They were then blended together prior to bottling.

It is interesting to see the treatment of the Mourvèdre grape in this wine. As can be seen from the label, this weighs in at only 11% and is relatively light and smashable.

However just 140 kilometres to the east is the town of Bandol where big, gutsy reds are made from exactly the same grape variety! We know which one we prefer – the lighter, more accessible versions from Theo.

This is a bright, light, lively wine that is drinking very nicely at the moment. It is a delicious wine. – Living Wines