Tōji Junmai Ginjo Sake


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As a symbol synonymous with Japan, the brewing of sake is held to exacting standards to protect its quality and integrity. Every drop of Tōji Sake has been handcrafted using traditional techniques, with our Tōji (Brewmaster) bringing over 40 years of experience.
Our Tōji selects only the finest ingredients and brewed in the Niigata Prefecture – an area of Japan synonymous with high quality sake. The pristine waters of the Asahi mountain range, coupled with premium rice combine in perfect harmony to create a crisp, well-balanced sake.

Ingredients – Water, Rice (Gohyakumangoku), Yeast & Koji / Seimaibuai (polishing rate) — 60% / Light kiwifruit aroma / Gluten free, Additive Free & Preservative Free / Made in Niigata, Japan. – Tōji Sake