3 Ravens x Mr West 2019 Nat Rav Red/White Blend


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Format750ml bottle

An idea conceived with Mr West to commemorate their second birthday – to create an old and new world beer featuring wine grape skins. This beer combines red and white grape skins and red and golden barrel aged sour beers to create a light red skin contact sour beer. Fresh Heathcote-grown Chardonnay skins donated by Little Brunswick Wine Co were fermented in our house golden sour base. After refermentation the beer was transferred off skins and back to barrel for maturation. Later in the season we received a parcel of fresh Yarra Valley Cabernet Franc skins (courtesy of Cre) which were fermented out in a blend of “Ruby” barrel aged old dark red (and very acidic) ale and a light golden sour. These red and white components were blended before terminal gravity was reached, with the final fermentation occurring in this bottle. – 3 Ravens Brewery