Eric Bordelet Nouvelle Vague Sidre


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Format330ml bottle

Like great wine, great cider is a reflection of the underlying terroir of the orchards, the quality and the variety of the fruit trees planted, the yields in the orchard and, of course, the age of the trees. The same deep, intricate root systems that deliver unmatched complexity in wines produced from old vines are at play in the orchard as well, with older trees producing better fruit to work with than younger trees. The orchards planted in 1992 upon Éric Bordelet’s return to Château de Hauteville are more a gift to his children and grandchildren, as his production today is based entirely on the older orchards planted in his ancestors’ time, some of which date back fully two hundred to three hundred years. He makes ciders both from apples and pears, and each is a remarkably sophisticated and refined drinking experience. He has more than thirty “heirloom” varieties of apples and pears planted in his orchards, which contribute to the complexity one finds in his ciders. All have a gentle mousse, and though they vary in the amount of perceptible sweetness on the palate, across the board the ciders of Eric Bordelet are defined by their beautiful balance, taught acidities and the complexity that rivals great wines.

Nouvelle Vague is off-dry, thirst-quenching, “drinking” cider has light effervescence and lovely balance. (Producer’s notes)