Lobo Cloudy Apple Cider


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Format330ml bottle

LOBO Cloudy apple cider – we don’t filter out the apple.  This cider is made from crushed apples that are allowed to settle briefly and then begin to ferment.  After a period we add some cultured yeast and then continue the long cool fermentation.  At the right moment the fermentation is arrested capturing the full length and depth of flavour that characterises LOBO and the cloudy wholesome cider is then put into bottles.  A natural apple and yeast sediment is present in the bottle. Pouring LOBO cider, excellent over ice – invert the whole bottle.  It can also be rolled gently or poured carefully leaving the sediment in the bottle, each method giving different levels of clarity.  The flavour changes, experiment and see which you prefer. – Lobo Cider