El Jolgorio Espadin Mezcal


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El Jolgorio Espadin mezcal is made with wild Espadin. Though Espadin is the most widely used agave in Mezcal, the majority of it’s use is in the form of farm-grown Espadin. Though the farm-grown and the wild Espadin both carry the same name, the differences between the two couldn’t be greater. Fans of Mezcal will taste the difference almost immediately. This wild Espadin produces a herbaceous taste and it is a bit sharper with a hint of citrus. Like most other Espadin Mezcals, it is very approachable but its wild roots seems to heighten the intensity of the Espadin’s familiar flavours. Each batch of this uses Espadin from different remote areas, and some batches have been aged many years in glass. Be sure to check the bottle for batch details. (Producer’s notes)