Arette Suave Blanco Tequila


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Don Eduardo is the fifth generation of the Orendain family to distill Tequila in its ancestral home. Arette tequilas are all made from 100% agave, grown on the family’s practicing organic estate in the town of Tequila, Jalisco.

Made from 100% estate-grown lowlands Agave, Arette has always prioritised quality over quantity, preserving the original artisanal practices. After 15 hours of roasting, agave are shredded and fermented with a special house yeast in the distilleries original cement vat for 6-7 days, and finally pot distilled and double-filtered before bottling. The fragrance is zesty and lemony. On the palate, dried herbs, juicy florals, and green pepper come forward, plus a trace of vegetal savouriness. Finishes light, with lively lemon zest. It’s mouthwatering, with moderate alcohol feel. (Producer’s notes)