3 Ravens Choc Mint Milkshake IPA


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Format375ml can

For our fourth “Shake” release (brewed for Winter 2019) we decided to answer the cries of the fans out there and revisit our 2018 GABS beer – Moussey Juicy – albeit with a few tweaks and a new hop bill. Choc Mint Shake features a creamy base of oats, wheat and Munich malt, with dark crystal malts and lightly roasted malts intertwined with dutch cocoa. The signature lactose-and-vanilla combo are supported by natural chocolate and mint flavours to give the impression of one of the all time classic milkshake flavours. Featuring Sabro hops – with unique creamy and oak-like vanillin characteristics as well as tropical fruit, with supporting roles from NEIPA staple Citra, as well as German Perle hops which lend herbal and mint-like freshness. – 3 Ravens Brewery