2019 Sextant Julien Altabar Clin d’Oeil


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Every year Julien Altaber seems to find new things to invent, depending upon the grapes that his biodynamic friends have to sell him.

This year (2019) he has again made a cuvée which is macerated Chardonnay (80%) for around ten days (it was Viognier last year) with some (20%) direct press Gamay (so the juice from the Gamay is clear juice, not red).

The grapes are grown in calcareous clay soils. The wine is stored in fibreglass tanks for around 5 months to settle.

This is an absolutely amazing example of an orange (skin contact) wine. It tastes fresh and vibrant, but it also displays everything that we love about skin contact wines that we love including soft, interesting tannins and other polyphenols and even a tiny bit of appealing bitterness at the back of the palate.

The result is an orange beauty which has lots of personality. – Living Wines