Two Metre Tall 2016 Barrel Aged Sour Cherry Ale


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Format750ml bottle

Fiercely independant the Two Metre Tall company seeks flavour, sustainability and truth of origin in the food we grow and make. This Sour Cherry Ale is a blend of mixed culture and spontaneously fermented Tasmanian farmhouse ale aged in oak barrels with Morello cherries. Derwent Valley grown, 2016 vintage, morello cherries are steeped in spontaneously fermented ale. Wild fermented on skins in oak barrels for a further 24 + months, til the flavour of the kernels become perceivable. Bottled still directly from barrel in September 2019, the wild fermentation process has continued in bottle and produced a lovely sparklingness. This is the best Ashley’s Sour Cherry I have tried, extremely versatile with food (duck ! or Xmas ham – Ashley’s favourite) or on its own. – Two Metre Tall