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Rice Type: Australian Koshi-Hikari Polishing Rate: 90% Koji Ratio: 25% Yeast Type: 701 & 901 ABV: 17% 3U – Unfiltered, Unpasteurised, Undiluted (Muroka Nama Genshu)

Storage: This is unpasteurised sake. If stored out of a fridge (as it was matured) it will evolve (quicker than wine). If you want to keep it as is, keep it cold. We think both are cool. Brewing: A blend of different batches using different sake yeast and fermentation temperatures to build layers of complexity. Yeast 701 brings green fruit and cucumber. Yeast 901 brings floral aromatics and bright red fruit. 90% Koshi-hikari = riceyness and umami. Serving: We like it out of universal wine or riesling glasses, at white wine serving temperature (approx 8-12°C). We reckon 60-100ml is the sweet spot. – Melbourne Sake