Marionette x Attica Bunya Bunya Liqueur


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Think of this one as all parts of the Bunya. Warm chestnuts on the palette? That’s the toasty flavour of a Bunya kernel, found within the prehistoric nuts of towering pines near the BunyaBunya mountains. The glowing green hue and fresh after-dinner mint aroma? That’s the magic of Riverland Rivermint. This complex bitter liqueur is rounded out with the menthol and citrus notes of Lemon Gum and Marionette Curaçao.

“Wild, incredibly flavoursome and distinct. A compelling, uniquely Australian drink.” Dom Robinson, Head Sommelier, Attica

Created to be paired with Attica’s ice creams and served exclusively by them. One-off online release, very limited quantity. – Marionette