La Venenosa Raicilla Sierra Occidental de Jalisco


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La Venenosa Raicilla Sierra Occidental de Jalisco is produced by Maestro Tabernero Don Ruben Peña in the mountains in the village of Mascota, Jalisco. At 1,500 metres above sea level, Don Ruben cultivates agave Maximiliana from seeds. The agave is roasted in a wood fired adobe oven and he uses wild yeasts to ferment the aguamiel, or must, in 200 litre vats. The distillation is performed in an arabic-philippino still and bottled after only one pass.  Rumor has it that Don Ruben discovered chemical compounds in the agave Maximiliana that are outside of what is regularly seen in the agave family, and that these compounds have strong therapeutic and health benefits.  Some attribute this Raicilla to Don Ruben’s ability to have 17 children, all of them female. This Raicilla has a fruity palate of unsweetened lemon and lime juice. As the fruitiness fades, minerality and deep spice emerge from the depths of spirit.