Ichiro’s Malt and Grain Limited Edition World Blended Whisky 2020 Release


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Made from a combination of casks from across the globe, all the whiskies in this blend are aged for at least 10 years. With up to 40 year old whisky included, this blend of malt and grain spirit creates a fantastically complex, buttery style of whisky.

Nose: Light and airy vanilla milkshake backed up by a soft and chewy toffeeness. Stone fruits and bananas poke through with a gentle ripe mango.

Palate: Soft brambles and fruit pie that combine together with the delicate vanilla. Warm pastry and a light nuttiness that develops into a gentle dough texture.

Finish: Long and warming that gradually sweetens. Continues with the sweetness into a lovely soft buttery pancake note. Ends with a lovely pinch of spice. – Suppliers notes