Garage Project Snug Nitro Irish Stout


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Format440ml Can

A lucky few may have bumped into Snug in a bar, but such sightings have been few and far between. Snug, our much loved Irish style stout, now available in a nitro can, meaning you can catch up for a pint* anytime you care to. Just give it a couple of shakes, crack the lid, pour vigorously into a glass and sit back with a grin while a cascade of tiny nitrogen bubbles slowly rises to form a creamy head atop this silky smooth, pitch black stout. Sláinte. *440mls actually, but who’s counting Brewed and packed in Wellington, NZ. May the wind be always at your back.

The dream of every mouth, a big, cushy cuddle. No one can be unhappy with the perfect balance of chocolate, coffee and full bodied creamy mouth feel. Snug dislikes no one, says nothing bad about anything, and is always there for you.

We initially made this beer with Irish grain left over from Rebel County, our Jameson’s collab. It was kind of an afterthought. It was greatly loved, especially by staff, and we have been wanting to can it ever since. – Garage Project