Garage Project Salad Grind California IPA


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Format440mL Can

Garage Project is well known now but when they started it was literally in a garage. They’re one of our favourites and one of those breweries that are so reliable across their core range, their limited run IPAs and even their wild and whacky projects. They created the Wild Workshop as a playground for creating all things weird and wonderful: barrel-aged sours, spontaneous ferments, beer-wine hybrids, and tanks brimming with fruit.

It’s all about balance. Bright California inspired IPA with an effortless blend of clean sweet malt and punchy citrus hops. Mounds of Chinook, Cascade, Simcoe, Strata and Sauvin hops create a flavour and aroma loaded with fresh cut grapefruit, sun warmed pine, passionfruit and a hint of rock concert kush.