Garage Project Dirty Boots APA


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Format440ml Can

Our resident Mosh Pit APA. Brewed for the Music 2 Brew 2 celebrations. This hardcore hop celebration captures the music of Sonic Youth through the sophistication of the NZSO. Using Simcoe (US), Mosaic (US), and Equinox (AUS) hops, it has a proper hoppy bite that will linger and groove on your taste buds.

Dirty is the operative word…This is one of the more filthy verions of hoppy beer that GP do, with the charging qualities of stone fruit, citrus, dark berries and slightly dank qualities – dirty hops. This is a very assertive flavour from the aroma to the finish with a bitterness that can be aggressive to the unexperienced and racey to those that are. – Garage Project