Fournier Cidre De Normandie Brut


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Format750mL Bottle

France is the largest cider producing country in the world. French cider is generally typified by an amber hue, a rich bittersweet character, and a low acid profile. The two main cider regions in France are Brittany and Normandy, with a few regional differences giving each its own unique identity.

Traditional cider from Normandy is famous for the use of Methode Normandy, or ‘keeving’ in English. It’s a complex process requiring an in dept knowledge of the seasons, apples and fermentation. Only done in colder months and allowing natural pectins in the apples to rise to the top of the fermentation tank to act as a filter bed. Resulting in a final product that is typically lower in alcohol (around 2%) and is sweeter than its other regional counterparts.

A slightly higher abv (4.5%) than would be expected from a Normandy cider, due to aiming for a drier palate. Refreshing, sparkling on the palate, nice roundness, nice acidity and slight bitterness, sustained body.