Dart Distilling Boat Gin


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In September 2021, we installed a 1250L pot still into our Footscray brewery and began the arduous task of recipe development and refinement. Our small-batch spirits are made using only the best ingredients, and we were able to draw from ideologies/methodologies of both winemaking and brewing—alongside inspiration from the people we encountered on the way—to ensure high quality at every stage, from distillation right through to bottling.

Navy strength, in the style of London Dry.

Crisp juniper. Dense with predominance of licorice root and coriander seed. Thick, creamy and viscous mouthfeel. Smooth with a well-rounded, long citrus finish.

Juniper | Sandalwood | Cascara berry | Ruby grapefruit | Licorice root | Coriander seed | Ginger – Dart Distilling