Champagne Lallier Grand Rosé Magnum


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Since 1906, LALLIER is a craft manufacture of prestigious crus de Champagne. The GRAND ROSÉ of LALLIER exclusively comes from Grand Cru parcels and are selected for their low yield at the harvest period : old vines and green harvest allow to ensure fully matured harvests. In order to get this pale and delicate colour, our GRAND ROSÉ is crafted as a « millefeuille », alterning layers of Grands Crus chardonnay and pinot noir comacerated in the tank. Pinots noirs and chardonnays both macerate at a hot temperature in order to get an optimal extraction of the colour without extracting tanins. In the spring, blending brings final touches to the wine before the so called « prise de mousse » and ageing on lees for at least 3 years in our cellars. (Producer’s notes)