Cascahuín Plato 48 Blanco Tequila


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Cascahuín Plata 48 presents a stunning, proof expression of 100% Agave. The higher ABV content preserves the true flavour of brick-oven roasted Agave and gives a delightful, viscous mouthfeel from slowly extracted agave juices.

Tequila Cascahuín has been produced since 1904 in its 4th generation family establishment. Tequila Cascahuín follows the traditions of Artesanal production processes, distinguishing itself today for its authentic flavours and its select quality from the best cultivated agaves in the Tequila valley area.

Tequila Cascahuín strives towards continuous innovation in their products to satisfy the sworn tastes of their customers, taking care of their original production processes and thus achieving the authentic flavour that characterizes Tequila Cascahuín. Different techniques throughout the process may vary as the master distillers work with the Agave respectfully to find what time and production is necessary in order to create the best tasting batch of Tequila possible.

The knowledge, teachings and responsibilities that its founder established continue with each  production accompanying traditional processes from start to finish.