Applewood Distillery Gin of Greed


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Creative briefs can be hard sometimes – embodying the concept of ‘Greed’ in a Gin is almost as creative as it gets! Hedonism isn’t necessarily something that comes naturally to us – but you need to let loose every now and then…Introducing GIN OF GREED. We wanted to focus on what makes a Gin ‘rich’ – like – really rich…stupidly rich…like mother’s milk…so of course – a double dose of Juniper (as per all our limited editions) was mandatory. We then played around with some blow-your-head-off Gentian Root, Roasted Wattleseed, Cloves, Earl Grey Tea, Double-Dose of Fresh Valencia Orange Peel – then we tightened the nuts and bolts on this baby with some Green Cardamom, Pepperberry – and the rug that tied the room together? Some Almonds and the allusive Orris Root. But we didn’t stop there. We then raided the distillery for some barrel aged brandy-base and settled on an experimental spirit that we spiced with Chai herbs from the folks out at Quo Chai – which we matured for 18 months in some American octave (80L) casks that held some of Australia’s richest, most expensive Shiraz for 4 years – blending the spirits together for some serious weight and presence. Rich Gin? Yeah – Hedonism at it’s finest. (Producer’s notes)