3 Ravens Nitro Nilla Thicc Shake Milkshake Double IPA


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Format375ml Can

More malt! More lactose! More Vanilla! Nitro cans! If you enjoyed our Vanilla Malt Thicc Shake but didn’t think it was thick enough, your prayers have been answered. Nitro ‘Nilla Thiccc Shake. Now with 3 c’s.

Way back at the start of 2020, we brewed a thiccker, stronger version of our Milkshake IPA for the Beer Deluxe annual “Hop Quest” IPA competition. “Thicc Shake” was a big, bozo beer inspired by the vanilla malt that made our inner glutton squeal with delight, and we were even more delighted when we found out Thicc Shake had won the competition. – 3 Ravens