2021 Lucy M Out Of Control (le mélanger)


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The Gamay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Cabernet Franc is from Robert Surmann’s vineyard in Totness with 30 y/o vines grown on Black Sandy soil overlying petrified schist, it is V.S.P. Trained and spur pruned. The Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot is grown at the Magpie Springs farm in the Hope Valley. It has sandy soil and is at the top of a hill near the ocean with strong ocean breezes sometimes. The Pinot Noir and Sangiovese is from Deanery vineyard in the heart of the Picadilly valley with its red clay over sandstone on an eastern facing aspect at the bottom of a cold deep valley. The vines are V.S.P. trellis and spur pruned. The chardonnay ‘Cemetery Block’ is at the base of the Piccadilly Valley on Alluvial Black Sandy soil, the vines are cane pruned. This farm is run by Jenny and James Griggs who are the 6th generation to farm that block. The is an assemblage of lost children (wines that don’t fit into the blends) and cosmic wines (wine drawn from settled lees).

I make natural wine! For me, natural wine must be made from organic/ biodynamic grapes (naturally fermented). The winemaker must not fine, filter or add anything including sulphur! All of the Lucy M. Wines are made from organically farmed grapes, currently not certified, however in the next couple of years we are moving to certification at much cost to ensure another level of assurance. The wines have no added or natural sulphites. No chemicals are used in the winery, not even to clean (only water is used and occasionally alcohol which we distil at the winery), no sulphur is used in any part of the winery, not in the winemaking process or the storage of empty barrels. We would like to make wines for health, to the betterment of humans and the environment. – Lucy M