2021 Radikon Sivi


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Saša Radikon has been holding the reins at Radikon after his father, Stanko, who pioneered the movement towards both natural and orange wines, sadly passed away in 2016. Working with his father for a decade, Radikon continues to hold its place in the natural wine world.

​Radikon is based out of their family home in Oslavia, Gorizia in Friuli, north-east of Italy on the Slovenian border. Everything about Radikon is unique, the specially designed bottles, their use of high-quality corks which avoid cork tainted wine and the grape selection process from their 12-hectare vineyard. Skin contact wine has been produced at Radikon since 1995 when Stanko began using his grandfather’s method of vinification which involved a 7-day skin maceration. After some refinement of this technique over the years, today the wines have a few weeks/months maceration on skins depending on the wine, along with periods of barrel ageing and/or bottle ageing. It is also not unusual for an entire vine of the local indigenous grape, Ribolla Gialla, to go into a single bottle on a good vintage. Stanko believed that this grape variety needed to be treated differently than other varieties to reach its full potential as a grape. The result of their process and the reason why Radikon is continuously held in high esteem is the production of unusual orange and red wines with astronomical complexity, high ageing potential and deep, wild, flavours.

These natural, biodynamic, hand-harvested and skin-contact wines are an experience that we believe everyone should have the joy of drinking and sharing with friends.

Sivi is 100% skin contact Pinot Grigio. Natural fermentation small addition of sulphur before bottling.