2019 Minim Floyd Cabernet Viognier


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So during the heat of the 2019 vintage I made the call to press a bin of dry grown early pick Metcalfe Cabernet with a bin of Viognier, picked the same day from up the road at Redesdale. The idea being to take a couple of generally unpopular grape varieties and disguise them as some waaaay sexier than they would otherwise appear. Rose-like press, fermented in barrel and tank….heaps of acid from the early pick but enough flavour to keep it fruity. Chilled down just before the end of ferment and bottled with enough sugar left to finish ferment in bottle, giving a delicious yeasty texture and light fizz. It’s basically what i reckon i’ll feel like when i take my daughters to Meredith Music Festival in 10 years. Old guys, trying to be cool.

But it’s really good. Full of pink grapefruit, mandarin peel and soft aromatic spice. A super satisfying guzzler for enjoying with the last of what the warm months have to offer.

This is the second coming of Floyd. He’d be into it. – Minim Wine