2019 Fujiichi Shuzo Kikutaka Kobo #8 Junmai Sake


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Fujiichi Shuzo was founded in 1870 and is located north-west of Nagoya in Inazawa City. The Toji [Master Brewer] Katsuaki Yamamoto took over the role in 2012 and in a short time that he had been Toji, Yamamoto-san quickly placed Fujiichi Shuzo on the sake ‘map’ with the creation of the Kikutaka brand. His talents as a young sake brewer have made many hardcore sake fans in Japan sit up and take notice. He is driven by the philosophy to match the rice to the yeast to create the perfect marriage. Each year he decides on the combinations after speaking directly to the rice growers themselves. Yamamoto-san’s focus with the Kikutaka range was to give life to sake with a lot of umami and acidity.

The ‘Kikutaka Kobo #8’ is made with yeast strain #8 (kobo means ‘yeast’ in Japanese). This sake is made from a blend of Yamada Nishiki & Yume Nishiki rice types, both sport from growers in Hyogo prefecture. A complex sake with wonderful acidity, a fruit-driven character and a delicate savouriness. – Producers notes