2019 Domaine Des Cavarodes IGP VDP Franche-Compté Rouge


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This delicious wine demonstrates Etienne’s remarkable capacity for making great wines even if they are field blends. This wine is made from very old vines (well over 100 years old) from a plot that Etienne bought over the Loue river and hence outside the Arbois appellation system.

Therefore the wine is classified under the IGP system which is used to replace the old Vin de Pays classification. It sits above Vin de France but below the new AoP appellations. It is designed to provide a classification that gives a regional focus to the wine – in this case the region of Franche Comté which consists of the départments of Haute-Saone, Doubs and the Jura.

This wine comprises many different grape varieties including the common Jura reds Trousseau, Gamay, Poulsard (Ploussard) and Pinot Noir along with much rarer varieties which according to French wine retailer “Les Passionnes du Vin” include Pinot Meunier, Argant, Portugais Bleu, Enfariné, and Mézy. We also think that there might be some Gueuche Noir in the field blend as well.

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