2017 Manon Wild Nature Pet Nat


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Wild Nature is Pinot Gris coming from vines that are left to grow free with nature and remain un-manipulated by man (or woman). The vines have not been pruned since 2015 and grow as they wish.

This Sparkling is an elegant wine with beautiful complexity. The ferment was slow, complex, healthy and as an end result created two beautiful wines (the second Wild Nature, ‘Still’ is happy in the cellar gaining another couple of months or years to add to its complexity). This Sparkling ferment went dormant in winter and come last spring a moment arose where we felt it was happy to be bottled and finish fermenting in bottle. The result is a traditional farm style pet nat requiring no disgorgement because of the 7 months settling in barrel. It has had a year in bottle and is drinking vibrant and elegant. Its interesting to note that this wine if left to lose its bubbles is equally as satisfying and delicious drunk still. (Producer’s notes)