Molly Rose x Mr West

For our first domestic collaboration at Mr West we will be joining forces with the phenomenal team at Molly Rose Brewing. With the help of head brewer Nic Sandery, we will be creating a sour style of beer based around everyone’s favourite summer cocktail; the Aperol Spritz.

The core of our brew will take inspiration from ‘Sour Tom’ a bright and clean strawberry sour beer from Molly Rose. However, to put our twist on things, we will be bottle conditioning with champagne yeasts and blending in a rhubarb, orange & cinchona bark tincture made in house by our cocktail team, to emulate the bittersweet Aperol flavour. This beer is brewed with a bright, clean and yet plush body balancing harmoniously with the fresh orange zests, rhubarband botanicals finishing with a zippy, driving acidity. Sitting around 6% ABV this extremely refreshing beer is sure to be a perfect way to sip away the last days of Melbourne’s warm weather.