Pafritas Trufa Negra Spanish Artisan Potato Chips


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Established in 1994, Pafritas is a small family business created by a couple determined to perfect and share Spain’s great, yet humble, tradition of the potato chip. The ingredients are simple but key; Spanish potatoes, Spanish Virgin Olive Oil and a sprinkle of Mediterranean sea salt from Alicante. As primary producers of superb virgin olive oils from their own mills in Rioja, Pafritas are able to deliver potato chips on another level than their competitors. In a world dominated by multi-national food companies, it is so refreshing to be able to access an alternative where only natural ingredients are used and low-grade sunflower/olive/other oils are avoided. Here the hand-crafted, virgin olive oil fried potatoes are not overwhelmed by the flavouring, rather the flavour builds as you move through the pack. They are delicate, ultra-fresh and light, setting a very high bar in the realm of patatas fritas. Fittingly, they are the official chip of the Spanish football team too!

These chips are made with sought after black winter truffles supplied by truffle specialists ‘Trufar’. The truffles are foraged from the countryside of Sarrión outside Teruel in the province of Aragon. They have a vibrant, savoury black truffle flavour. – Suppliers notes