Otherside Distortion Peach Sour


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Format375ml can

Our latest Creative Release, Distortion Peach Sour, is here. This one is a very sessionable (4.5%) kettle sour with a silly amount of peach. It’s generously dry hopped with Galaxy for exuberant tropical fruit aromas, pours cloudy and finishes crisp and refreshing. Tom Cleave is the artist behind the label, which he describes as a “fruit bowl of distortion pedals”. Aside from the obvious connection between distortion pedals and a beer called “Distortion”, Tom said it tied into his own experience playing the guitar in the ‘90s. “There was a lot of experimentation with distortion pedals; with new and weird sounds and I thought it was similar to how craft breweries these days are constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries with what beer can be.” – Otherside Brewing Co.