No Control Hellcider


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Format750ml bottle

Norman and are cider fans, I had to make my cider, my drink, when it’s hot, very hot. Hellcider was born from this desire. This diversification makes it possible to touch other elements, other techniques, other knowledge. The cider of hell is a cider dry, raw and without inputs.

The apples are bought in Normandy and transported in Auvergne in big bags. The apples are from orchards without treatment and eco grazed by sheep. Once arrived in Auvergne, they are in a hurry and after a few days of waiting and the creation of the hat, the fermentation starts alone. I control this fermentation regularly to obtain a cider with a great aromatic finesse. Bottling is done at a low density. Continuous fermentation in the bottle to make foam. – Domaine No Control