Good Spirits Margarita Blanca Bagnum


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Margarita Blanca is our version of everything you’ve come to love and savour from this giant of the cocktail world!
Employing the finest artisanal products from Mexico, in combination with an exceptional liqueur from the Adelaide Hills, we have created a cocktail of superior flavour and texture, while remaining free from added preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.  This is the core of our ethos at Good Spirits. Made with a selection of agave ingredients, Arette Blanco Tequila, Mezcal Union Uno Ensemble and organic agave nectar, we then pair this with SA’s Unico Zelo’s ‘Unico Mando’ as our viscous, citrus liqueur.  Finally, we add Supasawa, the ideal formula of five different acids, to achieve the perfect harmony of bracing bite and mouth-puckering sour. – Good Spirits