Destilados and Licores Gin Katun


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If you’re a gin-fanatic then you need to try Gin Katún! It’s a completely unique and first of its kind, handcrafted Gin developed in Yúcatán, Mexico. If you have an eye for beautiful bottling you can’t miss the detailed design of Katun’s label that features hand drawn symbols and legends which tell the captivating story behind the brand. This Gin is made from a unique recipe of 17 botanicals including Juniper, four varieties of chillies, spices, fruits and highly aromatic flowers; its perfume perfectly captures the richness of Mérida’s central market where the ingredients are found. Many of the botanicals used to create this Gin are sourced from the Yúcatan Peninsula and are endemic to the region as well as botanicals such as Chile Habanero and Vanilla from Papantla which both carry denominations of origin in Mexico. The palette of this Gin is unlike any other; a balance of heat, herbal spice and sweetness dance together and leave behind a refined and long finish with a pleasant mouthfeel. Try Gin Katun neat or indulge in the perfect Gin and Tonic.