Brasserie Dupont Biere De Miel Biologique


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Format750ml Bottle

Bière de Miel is a top fermentation beer, refermented in the bottle.
As early as 1880, honey beer was a specialty of the Rimaux-Deridder farm-brewery, which had won numerous awards at regional agricultural fairs. In 1920, Alfred Dupont acquired the Rimaux-Deridder farm-brewery for his son Louis. Disappeared for over 75 years, honey beer was recreated in 1997 to be offered this time in an organic version.
The current label is a faithful reproduction of the illustration used at the time.
The production of this beer is controlled by Certisys® and the beer bears the Biogarantie® label.
Amber and with very marked honey aromas, Bière de Miel is, as one would expect, a product with a predominantly honey flavor. – Brasserie Dupont