Balter Dazy Hazy IIPA


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Format500ml can

When you arrive at a place you love, you want to explore it, get to know it’s interesting characters and find out where the boundaries lie. We’re going deep into Hazy Town this spring with our latest limited release beer – Balter Dazy.

The second of three hazy beer styles we are dropping in 2019, this Double Hazy reveals a whole new side to a firmly established favourite in the beer community.

“This is more than an identical twin of our Hazy with more of everything thrown on top,” says Head Brewer Scott Hargrave. “It has shared DNA, but a whole different personality. We changed the malt structure and upped the bitterness to even out the increased alcohol. All this added a little spice to a full tropical fruit tree, balanced with every other element to rest confidently on its own two feet.”

While hops are normally seen as the star of the show when it comes to craft beers, Scott explains this isn’t necessarily the case with a well-balanced hazy. “Really healthy yeast is what gives our hazys a vibrant, juicy character. What you’re tasting there is really happy yeast playing with great hops. With our Hazys we propagate fresh yeast every time we brew and that’s a big part of the character of this beer.”

Coming in a tall 500ml can as a salute to its big nature, Balter Dazy goes a little something like this: Step up your hazy game with the Double Hazy, Dazy (see what we did there?). This suped-up version of a beer lover’s crush is swirling with fleshy fruit flavours, spicy alcohol to pull back the sweetness and an undercurrent of bitterness to keep things refreshing. – Balter Brewing