3 Ravens Wild Ravens Strawberry & Rhubarb Pastry Sour


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Format750ml bottle

Whisky barrel fermented rye sourdough beer with strawberry and rhubarb.

Wild Ravens is our wild, barrel aged and mixed fermentation series. It celebrates local and seasonal produce and is brewed in limited volumes and released as the beers reach optimal maturation. This series focus on Australian ingredients grown locally by Australian companies, including heritage and heirloom grain varieties and in-house malted grains. (Also hops, fruit, barrels, adjuncts, spices etc).

Following the success of the 2016 collaboration “Sourdough Ale” fermented with Tivoli Road Bakery’s house cultures, we put our heads together with the team to create a follow up focussing on their rye culture. A base beer featuring a high proportion rye (including rye bread baked, cubed and toasted) was fermented with rye sourdough leaven in whisky barrels to maximise the unique fruity grape-like esters produced by the native yeast. After nine months of maturation, the beer had developed a decidedly almond-croissant like flavour, so inspiration was drawn from the bakery’s range of pastries to create our Pastry Sour Series. – 3 Ravens