3 Ravens Heathcote Yellow Muscat Nat Rav 2020


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Format750ml btl

A blend of four very dry and very different beers: a strong amber raw ale (from quadrupel final runnings) aged 26 months, a light tart wheat beer aged 13 months, a 100% rye beer (malted in house) fermented with peach puree and a bitter farmhouse ale brewed with house-malted triticale, Ford wheat straw, Horehound (a very bitter weed) and hopped at 5 stages with large quantities of aged hops. The rye, triticale, wheat straw and horehound were all grown by the legends at Woodstock Flour in NSW.

These beers were racked onto Heathcote-grown Yellow Muscat wine grape skins from Little Brunswick Wine Co until all sugars had fermented out, then coarsely filtered and refermented in bottle.

These specific barrels were selected to compliment and contrast the particularly rich and buttery skins, with bright citrus, tropical fruit, sweet caramel and oxidative notes, as well as a relatively high bitterness and dry finish helping to balance the perceived sweetness of the muscat.

– 3 Ravens