2020 Koueigiku Shuzo Tsukikage Shinriki Junmai Sake


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Koueigiku Shuzo was established in 2019. It is one of the first ‘new’ sake breweries in Japan in over two decades. The brewery was set up by two friends who worked outside the sake industry and they have partnered with the very talented Katsuaki Yamamoto as Toji (Master Brewer). Yamamoto-san is one of the most talented young Toji in the country and he was the man behind the very popular ‘Kikutaka’ brand of sake that he brewed in his previous brewery role in Aichi.

Koueigiku straight from the start have set incredibly high standards for the quality of sake they are already producing. The ‘Tsukikage Shinriki’ is made with Shinriki rice from a grower in Kumamoto. It has a medium weight with a dry savoury palate and impeccable balance. – Producers notes