2020 Bera Moscato D’Asti


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Moscato sits at the top of the hierarchy of all of Bera’s wines. This is one of the very few wineries in Italy where sweet wine is king, the flagship, and continues to be the estate’s most revered wine. This features aromas of mint and sage entwined with yellow peach, green apricot and kiwi fruit aromatics with high notes of lemon, citron and fluffy meringue. Incredibly fresh.

Sisto is an old man but his brother Giuseppe is older than he is. He has smallish eyes and that reserved, stern awkwardness of a farmer. He is a man of the land, and from his land, he has never moved. The hill is on the left of the road that runs from Neive to Neviglie and is completely covered with vineyards. Their residence is in the centre and it also serves as the main office of the winery. Sisto looks over the estate and is proud. He is proud of Valter, a young high school graduate, who has inherited the large, beautiful, masculine hands of the family. Even though unlike his father, he has large eyes that have been opened wide by the world, Valter seems astonished that anything exists outside the Langhe region on the right bank of the Tanaro. Before the war, the winery was a large and somewhat anonymous entity that grew and sold grapes. Over the years, quality improved and it started specializing in Moscato at the end of the 1970s…. Those who learned the lesson that nothing is easy where vineyards are concerned won… – Bera