2019 Partida Creus Brutal! Assemblage


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The cult status natural wines of Partida Creus are produced by Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerona who are an Italian couple originally from Piedmont. Both of them are architects who initially moved to Barcelona for that reason but in the early 2000s they moved out to the country in search of a slower lifestyle. They settled in the Bonastre

region characterised by its clay and limestone soils and started organically farming all kinds of local foodstuffs but had trouble finding wines made in the same way. So, they started making their own by recovering old abandoned vines of forgotten local grape varietals. They farm all their vines organically and produce grapes of extreme quality and concentration. All wines are produced without any additions including sulphur. Their Brutal is a post ferment assemblage of all the wines they made during that vintage.
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