2019 Pantom Changing


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Pantom is an incredible new Australian wine project from legendary Italian natural wine producer, Panevino.

Panevino winemaker Gianfranco was born and raised in Nurri which was one of the most important Sardinian wine regions until around 50 years ago. Since he was a child he’s been making bread and wine, pane e vino (Panevino) but his first official label wasn’t released until 2005. Gianfranco has a deep understanding of his land, the grapes, the wild yeasts.  Making wine is like painting, he says,  using your grapes and wild yeasts as colours. In this prospective each wine is an art work, a story to tell, feelings to express and for this reason cannot be repeated; with the only exception of Alvas (a macerated white wine) and Girotondo (late harvest of giro’ di Cagliari) each year the labels are different.
Unfortunately Gianfranco has had a bad run loosing many of his recent vintages to hail and continuous rain so the legendary Giorgio De Maria came to the rescue and organised for him to come and make some wine in South Australia with the help of local legends Anton Von Klopper (Lucy M) and Tom Shobbrook. The wines are being released under the name Pantom (Panevino-Anton-Tom) which is a pretty fun mash up of their names! The wines were all made with organic grapes and no additives and are nothing short of exquisite.

Changing is a white blend of Chardonnay, Semillon and a splash of Sauv Blanc. It was lacking a touch of texture so some extra skins from the 2019 Lucy M Wildman Blanc were added for a few days and what a masterstroke that turned out

A cloudy, golden yellow, citrus and stone fruit wonderland. Lovely texture, crisp acidity, generous ripe fruit.