2019 Matassa Blossoms


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Domaine Matassa consists of 15 hectares, 13ha of which surround the village of Calce and 2ha in the high Fenouillèdes. The soils around Calce are predominantly schist and marl and the co-planted vineyards consist of Local varietals; Grenache Gris, Macabeu, Muscat d’Alexandrie, Muscat Petit-Grain, Grenache Noir, Lladonner Pelut, Carignan and Mourvedre. The wind battered vineyards in Fenouillèdes are old vine Carignan and Lladonner Pelut at 500-600m altitude on granitic soils. The vineyards are un-irrigated, bush-vines pruned to the “gobelet” technique.The vineyards are worked naturally without any chemical aids. Tom is certified organic by Ecocert and uses biodynamic techniques such as Preparation 500 and various plant fermentations to activate and nourish his soils. Tom is passionate about continuing to diversify his agriculture away from simple monoculture. He has recently planted seven different varieties of old, local olives which have been deliberately mixed up like the old vineyards, which are never one variety. Tom also sows up to 15 different plants in between his vineyard rows, which contribute to a greater diversity of soil microbiology.

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