2020 L’Octavin Cle à Molette


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This wine was made from certified organic grapes that Alice picked from the vineyards of Domaine Trichon in the Bugey area which lies between Beaujolais and the Jura. She returned to the Jura with the grapes and direct pressed them before leaving them to ferment and mature in tank before bottling in May 2021.

The wine is made from 100% Molette, a white grape variety found in the region to the west and south of the Jura extending into the Savoie. The grapes were directly pressed and then the juice was transferred to tank. Molette is a child of the Gouais Blanc grape variety (the same as many varieties including Chardonnay) and another as yet unknown variety.

This is a bright, fresh and lively wine that makes a very nice aperitif. Also note the wrench on the label. This is because Clé à Molette means adjustable wrench. Yet another play on words that the French love so much! – Suppliers notes