2019 Kirei Shuzo Hachi-Ku Junmai Sake


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Hachi is 八 (8) and Ku is 九 (9), which together make 89 and this meigara has been named after the percentage of kōji it contains- a huge 89%!  [kōji is rice inoculated with the starch breaking mould kōji-kin].  This is about four times the kōji compared to a standard sake.  Go-Dan Shikomi means 5 phase fermentation, meaning that the kōji, steamed rice and water has been added in 5 separate steps to convert the moto [starter mash] into the moromi [main mash], compared to the San-Dan or 3 phase brewing method that most sake is made with.  The 5 phase fermentation and high amount of kōji used to make Hachi Ku give this sake an intense amount of taste with high umami and sweetness with balancing acidity.  Hachi Ku has a vibrant fruity fragrance and flavours of oxidised pear with a sweet intensity. The finish is dominated by refreshing acidity and an almost tannic grape-seed astringency.- Producers notes