2017 Micro Bio Rufián Rvfete


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Rufian is the name of this wine and the grape comes from the municipality of Miranda del Castañar, province of Salamanca. The vineyard was planted in 1951 on a decomposed granite floor and an outcropping of slate, on a CLOS plot. The cultivated area is 1.16 Ha.


This varietal is the brother of pinot noir, grape with little colour, good acidity and very floral. It is the most subtle grape of all that we elaborate and, for that reason, pumps are not used for pumping: only works to help the alcoholic fermentation, making pillage with the hands and the feet.

With a density of 1020, the pasta is pressed and the resulting wine is lowered to Burgundian barrels for its aging, being the shortest of our wines with 9/10 months in barrel.

The production is of 2/3 barrels per year. – Micro Bio Wines