2017 An Approach To Relaxation Sucette Grenache


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An Approach To Relaxation – Richard and Carla Rza Betts – have just two blocks of vines in the Barossa. No winery, no house, just beautiful old vines which fell over and were forgotten about for aaaaaaaaages until the were lovingly resurrected by this lovely couple. They are famous in the NYC restaurant industry, live in Amsterdam, grow vines in the Barossa and have friends at Mr West. Grenache can grow beatufully all over the planet, but it is often most at home is deep, fine sandy soils like France. You know France, that place with the baguettes? Well, we are lucky enough to have just as high-quality sandy soils in Vine Vale, Barossa! Plus you can get pie-floaters, which are better than baguettes when you’ve had too much wine in Adelaide. In the words of Richard and Carla – “super aromatic, pretty as heck, supple and full of verve.” We couldnt agree more.