2016 2Naturkinder Black Betty


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In one of our oldest vineyards, just a few minutes away from the winery, we have old Domina vines growing, a red wine variety very popular in our area. The plants are about 30 years old and have been farmed organically for almost 20 years. The vineyard is super rocky in the steep middle section, dry, the vines have to work quite a bit here.

When we started working with sheep this was the first place they lived in. The first lamb was born during the harvest and we named her Betty and it felt kind of logical naming this rosé after her. Domina is a very colour intense variety so we simply crushed the grapes with our feet and pressed them an hour later. The juice went to an old oak barrel and was topped up with a bit of Dornfelder (also a rosé) where it finished fermentation and aged until bottling taking place in July 2017. – 2Naturkinder