Gurneys Organic Vintage Proper Dry Cider


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While Gurneys Cider draws inspiration from the families English & Somerset heritage, Gurneys ciders are uniquely Gippslandian (The South East corner of the state of Victoria).
The early pioneers of the Gippsland region left behind countless wild seedling apple varieties, the Gurnett family spent the past 20 years seeking these wild apples and testing their suitability for cider making. If the apple produced good cider the family would revisit the tree and take scion wood to graft into their orchards. The result, Gurneys orchards are mixed with English, French AND unique Gippsland cider apples varieties. Since 2001 the Gurnett family have discovered  six Gippsland cider apples varieties. The family estimates this roughly equates to 1 tree in a 1000 made great vintage cider!
The Gurnett family continue to forage (scrump) wild apples across Gippsland to produce a small batch Scrumpy annually and search for their next worthy Gippsland Cider apple!